Historic Photos of Boyle Heights: The William H. Workman House

Last month’s post concerned the 1858 brick home of Andrew Boyle, namesake of Boyle Heights. After Boyle’s death in 1871, the house passed on to his daughter, Maria (pronounced Mariah) and her husband, William Henry Workman. Four years later, Workman subdivided much of the Boyle property and created the community of Boyle Heights.

Andrew A. Boyle, Namesake of Boyle Heights: An Immigrant’s Story

The naming of the Los Angeles neighborhood of Boyle Heights in 1875 by William Henry Workman and his partners, Isaias W. Hellman and John Lazzarovitch, was in honor of Workman’s father-in-law, Andrew A. Boyle, whose land was the basis for the community. Boyle’s life was not particularly long, only fifty-two years, but he had a…